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Ravi Krishnan, M.D. Corpus Christi, TX - Aug 20, 2018

I am Dr. Ravi Krishnan, and have been a practicing ophthalmologist in Corpus Christi for 21 years. During my career, I have seen and treated numerous ocular injuries; including several caused by recoil of electric cords as they are forcibly pulled out of the socket. It is my sincere belief that the "Cord Anchor" serves to prevent ocular and other injuries of this type. My hat's off to the Cord Anchor for protecting our precious eyesight.

Keith Caraway MGR., Columbia Electric Supply Corpus Christi, TX - Mar 9, 2017

Huge idea! This will be a great seller. We are always dealing with Electrical Contractors and home owners looking for a fix. This is perfect.

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