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our patented cord outlet protectors are available in 1, 2, 4 & 10 packs

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Cord Keeper

Cord Anchor™

Perfect for keeping cords from accidentally unplugging at home, at the office or in rooms with electrical equipment

Two Pack
Cord Keeper Pro

Cord Anchor™ Pro

An essential for jobsites, workshops, construction areas and other commercial & industrial areas to stay safe and productive

Two Pack
Stay Safe

Stay Safe

Improperly plugged electrical cords are more than just unsightly… they can set the perfect conditions for sparks, falls, injuries and electrical fires. The Cord Anchor features an innovative and patented design that keeps your cords neatly tucked away, for increased safety and protection at home or work.

Stay Plugged

Stay Plugged

Electrical cords always seem to get accidentally unplugged at precisely the worst possible moment. Whether you're watching your favorite TV shows, working on the computer or operating power tools in the shop, the Cord Anchor is a simple yet highly-effective way to keep you plugged in and interruption-free.

Installs Easy

Installs Easy on Most Outlets

Unlike some electrical cord organizers, you won't need to make any alterations to your wall or baseboards. The Cord Anchor was specifically designed to fit right over your existing electric outlets. It goes on easily, blends seamlessly into faceplates, and works on practically any standard outlet. See our installation page for more details on how easy the Cord Anchor is to install.

Discover the Simple Way to Prevent Unplugged Cords

Regardless of whether you're a parent, a business owner or a commercial contractor, The Cord Anchor offers the simplest way to keep electrical connections plugged-in; all while improving the safety of any room or workspace. They're available in your choice of white or beige, and can be ordered in a variety of sizes ideal for residential or commercial use.

Heavy Duty Design

The Cord Anchor is more than just effective and easy-to-install, it's made in America and durably designed to offer years of reliable use. Key features include commercial-grade hinges that open and close securely ease, with a quick-release latch that stays shut until you open it. The heavy-duty cord prong won’t bend, crack or warp while keeping you safe and confidently connected.

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